His understanding of his characters and the society they inhabit, is profound.” N.Y. Times
Gardiner is among our most able and interesting students of history.” Jay Parini

Newport Rising

Eighteenth Century Newport, Rhode island called “the most prosperous place in all America,” was home to the finest craftsmanship on the Atlantic coast, and nest of a thriving slave trade. This is the setting of the new novel, Newport Rising, the story of a trouble-prone journeyman printer and his aggravating lady friend, who roil the pre-Revolutionary town, where patriots might shoot him, or Royalists send him to England to hang. The novel is available as a Kindle e-book, or in print from Strafford & Unison publishers.


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Much of the author’s early short fiction treated life in the northern Virginia village of Warton. Later novels and short stories set in Europe and America have taken historical settings from the pre-Revolutionary period to a coal miners’ uprising of the 1890s, World War I, the Depression era, World War II, the mall culture of the 1980s, and lately to short stories set in a world transformed by information technology. Read more…